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Thank you for pointing that out, though, in my mind if I were to meet a feminist who strongly believed both men and women are/should be equal and campaign for that, I would simply see someone with the same perspective as I have on the matter...

Therefore to me that person is not a feminist....if that makes sense.

No one ever explained that factionalisation of the group, so I didn't know.

Thank you...

Someone more neutral than myself....that be rare...
I just play devils adv. too much.

...Okay so some of the people in these forums are far better than average .
Might start posting here more....
damnit... I visit too many forums already :P

I don't really have anything more to add just yet, just waiting for Lexx's comment(s) and then begin to round up and decide...heh...

Everybody's keeping secrets, never let me get back.
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