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Originally posted by BlackDove
Lastly proving you don't know what we're debating, because what matt suggested got us about half through the end of the debate.

Thank you and have a nice day at your school, where I'm sure no doubt you will be arrested, and thrown in jail for 5 months because you were viewing the forums with an avatar that has bouncing boobs.

Please grow up.
What are we debating? Bouncing boobs, a bouncing penis, sexism, how you convinced a little girl to have sex with you, how to raise children, the "art" of sex, our "incompetent" super moderators, "Reaps" going to Israel, Jed a retard, or "Phwaching's" undoubtful future ban?

This is stupid, and you don't really strike me as remarkable either.

I'm sure you need to grow up as well.
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