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Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak
What are we debating? Bouncing boobs, a bouncing penis, sexism, how you convinced a little girl to have sex with you, how to raise children, the "art" of sex, our "incompetent" super moderators, "Reaps" going to Israel, Jed a retard, or "Reaps" undoubtful future ban?

This is stupid, and you don't really strike me as remarkable either.

I'm sure you need to grow up as well.
First to address the point of BD's pre-teen sex life. So that you dont go any further with that idea you sick ****er, hes already said the girl was EDIT: 19 (happy now? twat). So get your nose out of kid's sex lives and back into your own (apparently sex free, from your fascination with others) before you get banned for being a sick deviant who should be put in a bag with rocks and thrown off a cliff to drown.

The issue was and still is fascist censorship of an animated anime image. Jed has been verbally raped on the second page and has seeked to derail the thread by taking a dump on the forums and calling them posts but the central issue is that absent admins have been conned into censoring an avatar because of their incompetent 'super' moderators taking umbrage to an animated pair of clothed bouncing boobies.

Choo follow gringo?
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