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Originally posted by Jed
Wow, this is wonderful. You're excellent at insults, you.

Second warning, Phwaching...I'd really love to end this now, but I'm trying to be legit here in my procedure before you post your way to the ban bucket. Hell, I'll give you 4 chances before I give you any sort of punishment for incessant flaming and acting like a complete 'tard...

Seriously now, what the hell ARE we discussing?
Oh ****, now you're scaring me. I clearly signed up to be an active, helpful and contributing member of your community. Unfortunately i found out that it was run by a bunch of incompetent ****s who wouldnt be able to find their arses with both hands. shame about the victorian attitudes you wankers hold also. I deeply regret the way i verbally anal raped your stupid posts and hope that maybe you will consider that, after you finish blowing your boyfriend you could maybe see your way to not banning me.

happy now fuc.ker?
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