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Originally posted by InsaneSith
get it through your skull. They acted upon people protesting the avatar and reporting it, it was a decision made for the members which i'm sure had to be a majority to consider it got approval by a majority of the staff. It wasn't just a mod saw it, got pissed off and banned it. It was reported by forum members who were offended by it, the job of mods and admins is to uphold peace and keep the members happy and content... and they do a damn good job.
Thats a relief! A majority of the staff! well, i've seen two moderators today, and they both hold the same pro-censorship ideas and back each other up regardless of how right they are (hint: they arent) and pause in your cocksucking to consider how many people actually reported it. Are the silent majority being ignored in the face of a couple of vocal women with attitudes that should have been abandoned in the 1890s?
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