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You guys, I realise there is much eyerolling needed at several of the things in this thread, but when I said I'll leave it to you I didn't mean I was done with the thread, I did expect to have something to come back to tomorrow o.O

Hopefully SWP/Reaps/BDs squabbling'll be skipped over and we'll resume pretty much after redwings post o_o

I'm goin a bed...
You're all nuts... o_o

If this isn't closed by the time I wake up, I'll be suprised.

SWP ~ If your school IT Admins are that bad that they neglect forums - and school policy doesn't do anything about it, I don't really think much of your school.
Mine, having standards, and scores to uphold and improve on (they were proud that they "added value" to students), which meant non-learning websites went bye bye.
If you lost access to this forum over an avatar I'd chuckle...

Everybody's keeping secrets, never let me get back.
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