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You want proof my friend.......Call up LucasArts and ask to talk to one of the developers....either they will hang up or they will make some excuse

Guys I am SERIOUS, they are really abducted by aliens I saw it with my own eyes I was abducted too actually but I was rejected and sent back to earth by them coz apparantly I was not what they were looking for. Read on let me tell you the whole story...

A little while ago, a UFO landed on Earth and kidnapped certain people, I was one of them and for some reason it was the Sam n Max developers as well, I dont know why. Anyway we were kept in small cages and fed two teaspoons of water and 1 tablespoon of suger every 3 hours. The aliens tortured us and opened up our brains, they said they were trying to suck up the programming knowledge and knowledge about computers so they can create more sophisticated software and hardware for their needs. I was too dum and they sent me back to earth. However the Sam n Max developers are very intelligent people and their knowledge is being sucked out of them. And it is very UNLIKLEY they will ever return (or return with erased memory). LucasArts have not told us this due to obvious reasons. So please dont be abusive to LucasArts as this is not their fault.

The question is what can we do ? I dont know where the secret location of the aliens is, and even if we do find out ? how will we get there and will we get there on time to save the developers....
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