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Kyle's Age

I've always wondered how old Kyle was in Dark Forces and how old he is in Jedi Outcast. My assumption is that he was about 18 when he left for the imperial academy, and I don't know how many years he did service in the imperial army before he ended his service and worked as a mercenary, but i know twelve years after he left for the academy he came back to find more out about his father's death and found the lightsaber from Rahn, which is JK, so that would make him 30. Five years after that was MOTS, so that would make him 35, and those five years I assume were part of the 8 years after Kyle defeated Jerec in JK, so by JO according to my theory he's 38. Another theory I created is that Kyle wasn't so old when he left home, that he was pretty young, maybe about 14, and twelve years later when he returned to his homeworld to find more out about his father's death in JK, he was 26, and 5 years after that in MOTS, he was 31, so my calculation in this theory is that he's 34 in JO. Remember, these are only theories and I could be wrong. If I am, please correct me and tell me his real age in JO and how old he was in Dark Forces. Thanks.

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