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ok, since i reckon a lack of seriously founded investigations, i said to myself ray, i said, do something about it.
here is what i found out:

someone paid someone to pay the aliens to kidnap the developers.
b r a i n w a s h!
b e c a u s e:
this so called someone is actually seriously thinking that

sam and max are not 3d capable!

whoa! *WHOMP*

check this! think about! LOONER!

conspiratively, that person and the group of creepers around him are only a few steps away from completing their plans to push lucasarts towards a FULL rollback of the production. and finally the geniuously thought up goal reaches to let them make it 2d with brilliant 3d-based effects as know from up to date animations like futurama.
there possibly will be also will be some sort of stargate related gag or similar kind of thing, but i havent found out yet, since this is only a possibility and seems not to be part of the plan. yet. but i'm working on it. finding out, of course.

tse,.. SOMEONE is really crazed by TEH REAL SAM&MAX, eyh?

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