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I am not directly involved with Nightlight but I've been a fan for a long time, so I'll try my best to answer your questions.

What is/are Nightlight Productions? Nightlight is a company owned by Matthew J. Smith (8 of 12) and is based in his homeland of Australia

What do you do? Nightlight, with the help of several talented voice actors, writes and records hilarious radio plays, and with the help of our forum member Sallim, may be delving into 3D animations of these plays. But right now, it's owner is in somewhat of a transition type period and things are kind of on Hold.

How many of you are there doing it? Don't really know

Where are all the people with longer registration dates than 5 days? Grim Fandango was released eons ago O.o Look at topics that aren't just on the front page. We have a nice little community here. I'm one of the fairly newer people to the actual forums, and everyone here is very nice

This forum is... color blind - change the colors ASAP, the colors black and purple work outside. (okay, so that wasn't a question) Hey, man. Don't knock the colors I like 'em.

Anyway...what's up? Welcome to the fold. Stick around, as some of the radio plays may, just may, be put up again soon, and they are fantastic.

Just Tea Thank you.........HOOO!
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