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Hello, Blacky. Holdy is essentially right in all the answers he gave. How many of us... well as you can pretty much see, without me there is no Nightlight.

But as for everything else... I have Stanley, Stuart and Lawrence (and occassionally others, depending on what project we're working on) providing voices, Metallus chips in with website design, Sal is the anchor of any 3D animation you may see here, and a few people are helping with a haphazard online audio program called Beneath Monkey Island.

What does this website have to do with LucasArts? Hardly anything. If you like, you can draw parallels between my first radio play, Tierra de los Muertos, and Grim Fandango. They have little in common besides the fact that they both have dead people. Other than that, Lost Cause I - There's No Hope and soon Lost Cause II - There's Still No Hope are very funny Star Wars parodies. Only one more to go until the trilogy is complete!

The colours of Nightlight have always been bright green. It's freakin' awesome.

What's up? I'm moving to Western Australia. And I need a new computer. It's my fault Nightlight is crippled.

Want some funny radio plays?
Nightlight Productions
All Night Long
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