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I stumbled across this forum today, looked at the 'bouncing boobs' thread, rolled my eyes at some of the comments, then gawked at this quote from Jed, the 'super' mod.

And sorry for my post, but I need to remember that when you fight with an idiot, they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


Oh, and another thing, am I rong or wrong? Two different meanings.

Wrong would imply I'm incorrect.

Rong would imply you suck at teh intarweb
And then, what did he do? He banned someone for flaming. It really doesn't seem justifiable to me, for (hopefully) obvious reasons.

Jed, your response? Am I taking this all out of context by some chance? Am I not getting the point?

PS. Please don't close this thread. I think moderation is a rather serious issue, which needs to be dealt with... and if one side is ignorant, he or she needs to be informed of the facts (note that can mean you or I, I'm not making a flame).

PSS. I made this into a thread as opposed to sending him a PM so he wouldn't use that as an opportunity to act irrational, overly-defensive or immature, because then none of the other members would witness that, in which case his credibility wouldn't suddenly drop.. (I don't know whether that'd be the case, but I didn't want to risk it.)
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