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Yay, first complaint thread.

Hiya, everyone.

Hiya jimmy. See, here, I don't really see the big deal. Sure, it's immature, but you really think what I said was just as bad as what he was saying? I'd read the entire thread before you make a public thread to single me out.

PSS. I made this into a thread as opposed to sending him a PM so he wouldn't use that as an opportunity to act irrational, overly-defensive or immature, because then none of the other members would witness that, in which case his credibility wouldn't suddenly drop.. (I don't know whether that'd be the case, but I didn't want to risk it.)
Man, if you think you're "exposing" me as some major league fascist moderator that everyone hates, you're about 3 months behind the power curve. Welcome to yesterday.

I mean sure, if I was being an ******* to a regular community member, then it'd be kind of wrong. But someone who registers to a forum just to flame people...I dunno about you, but I don't have tolerance for that.

If it had come down to the guy actually being reasonable, it'd have never gotten that far. If I've offended you (how I'm not sure), then I'm sorry.

Feel free to pray/curse me to whatever underworld you believe in. If you're feeling less spiteful, Purgatory will be fine.

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