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*F. Irvine sat at a security station. Half of the monitors flickered on. Portions of the consoles were in operative, but still enough to do something.

He noted that Deac and Rwos were about to make their enterence into the building.

With his knowledge of Imperial tech, he managed to hotwire some of the controls back online.

Sitting behind the emergancy controls he looks at the array of switches.*

F Irvine *speaking to himself* "What do we have here, turret guns,..." *flips the switch, and half the lights on the main control panel flickered on.* "Hmm, oh sad, most of them are already destoryed. Ah, whats next... Here's one, battle droids." *he hits the switch and half the lights for them flicker on.* "I just hope that they have some improvements."

*F. Irvine turns on his comms*

F. Irvine "Lokpihet, if you may, send me a few squadrons of stormtroopers to sectors 15 through 20, and have them rondevious with the 'security' that I've activated,... to delay our 'guests'. It seems that most of the security has been distoryed but a good supply of Imperial battle droids are still operational, they should be programmed to 'cooperate' with stormtroopers."

"That is if the previous resident hasn't allowed so himself."

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