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Here's the scoop

BATTLE 5: Mission 2: Attack Imperial Convoy

* Craft: Y-Wing
Shield Rating: 75 SBD
Hull Rating : 40 RU

* Mission Objectives:
Capture Convoy's Cargo

PREV: Minimize the loss of civilian life

* Bonus Points:
(25) Inspect FRT Toburik Haulers [2x]
(25) Inspect CTRNS Toburik Haulers
(25) Inspect Xiy/T Toburik Haulers [2x]
(750) Captured 100% of the Cargo

* Opponents:
2 Xiytiar Transports and the rest of the convoy
8 Hurrim Preybird Fighters

2 Skipray Blastboats
Imperial TIE-Interceptors

Only thing i can think of is that part of the Convy wasn't inspected, or wasn't captured. I knwo there was a problem with this, missing but i cannot think of it at the momment.

Jsut be sure that everything is captured can inspected.

Order your wingman to "Attack craft type" that would be the preybirds since they are your biggest threats, it is a tough missing, but not impossible

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