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I Need Help Really Soon !!!!

I own the pc version of the game. But i do not seem to meet the minimum requirements of the game.
I am listing out the minimum requirements along with my system configurations. Pls tell me how do I proceed to get the game work.

OS - windows 98 v4.10 build 2222 A PASSED!
CPU - intel pentium 4 CPu 2.66 Ghz PASSED!
HD - Lots of free space ( 80 GB ) PASSED!
Video - S3 Graphics pro savageDDR 32 mb FAILED!!!!!!!
Audio - PASSED!
Open GL - S3 Graphics,
incorporated - 1.1 2.40.101 FAILED!!!!!
dircet X - 9.0b PASSED!

So if i need to install a 3D accelerator card or AGP card which one do i go ahead & buy.

PLs reply soon somebody
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