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Maybe I can fill in some of the missing TOTALLY FOX KIDS info. I own several of them. They were free if you subscribed back then but for some reason they have a $1 price on the covers.

Here's what I have and the Sam and Max info:

August 1997:
Sam and Max on the cover. They're the centerpiece of a group shot showing most of the new Fox kid's show...Louie Anderson is the only other character I can recognize. Sam is holding an Oscar.

Spring 1998:
Centerfold covers 2 pages. Shows Sam and Max in their office with every oddball thing imaginable around them. "Purcell" is written on the ant farm Max is holding...although it contains people instead of ants. Is this the "Sam and Max in the office" piece I see listed on various websites? It's not a strip but a 2 page centerfold/drawing.

Summer 1998:
"Action Figure Surgery."

Other things I have that I don't see listed (and not from FOX):

A poster/ad for S&M Surfin' the Highway. Reproduces the cover and is ~ 14"x18."

I bought a S&M print from Steve Purcell at Wondercon several years ago (also got the t-shirt and moving pen). The print is numbered 40/500 and is ~ 14"x18." Steve also gave us an Italian version of the game. He had some in several languages and we chose Italian. "Arrivaderciiiii Sam and Max!!!"

I also have "shelftalker"...a stand up ad for the game. It's about 14"x4." It has S&M holding a gun on one side...a rat eating a fig newton is emerging from the barrel...and Blurbs on the other..."Adventure Game of the Year." "Golden Triad Award" and stuff like that. "Look for the CD-ROM 'talkie' version."

Hope that info helps.
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