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Keep it up!

Well how about that....! 28.4% last time I checked. I gotta tell you all how pleased I am at this level of response. But we can't stop here - THESE are the things that lucasarts'll sit up an' take notice of; official polls of people LIKE IGN etc. They probably won't uncancel S&M2, but if we can double the figures of it's closest rival before the poll ends (DN:Forever?! I thought they stopped production on that after the cold war ended....), then they won't be able to kid themselves of the fact that they've made an almost impressively massive mistake any longer.

Oh an' er PS: to whoever said the following:
"Someone also might have votespammed."

Well hopefully nobody has, but even if cheating is afoot then who cares! really! Let's not forget that the only reason we're doing this is because those suits at LA Cheated US out of a tremendous game in the first place(!!)

Good luck all, an' keep voting!

PPS: Apologies for using the word "afoot". Let's hope I never have to again....
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