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The battle of Kassl, Naboo, Mon Calamire and Coruscant

Story battles are rageing on all over the galaxy you can be an imp and try to protect Coruscant attack Mon calamire beat the rebels to Naboo and take the planet under Imp control or save Kassle or if you want to be a rebel you can destroy Kassle protect Mon calamare take Naboo under rebel control or capture Coruscant it is your choice!

Name Harew Poy
Race Human
Age 24
Gender male
Allaigence Rebel
Rank second in command of Rouge squadren
Bio was raised on Tattoine started training at the imp acadamy at the age of 15 when he reached the age of 20 he learned what blood thirsty animals the imps are and joined the rebels!

Harew is at a rebel base on Correlia and is talking to another pilot then the alarm goes off ( the base is being attacked ) and Harew hops into his X-wing!

note to be first in command of Rouge squadren you have to be Wedge!

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