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Post Sam & Max collection..... it begins

I have seen the light, and it is good

I want the Sam and Max: Surfin' the Highway collection. However, until a reprint does happen, I doubt I'll have the luck of getting my hands on a copy. However, my dilligence in searching has paid off.

I've found a copy of the "Sam & Max Freelance Police Special," and surprise surprise, it was not on eBay. I found the "buy" button as fast as humanly possible, and got checked out as fast as my fingers could type out my credit card number. The total price? $8.98, and that includes shipping and handling. That's right, I only paid $2.98 for the actual comic, the other $5 was to get it into my hands within a week. I can't help but feel I struck gold, even if you can score a copy occasionally for not too much cash.

With this purchase, my Sam & Max collection has started..... I plan to continue to scour the internet, finding comics as they appear, and snatch them up until I have a good collection or Surfin' the Highway is reprinted, whichever comes first (hopefully the latter, I'm not made of money).

Just a couple of months ago I experienced Sam & Max: Hit the Road for the first time, and I'm already a complete addict.

Mourning the (hoping to God it's temporary) loss of Sam and Max 2
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