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37.5% now.

Realistically this poll will not chance anything. The video game industry isn’t like a clan or something, LucasArts is a business, and they have made a business decision. Yes it was based on poor research that only analyzed market sales rather than actual consumer support, but it doesn’t matter how ignorant the board of directors and the financial department of LucasArts were, with regards to the justification of the cancellation of the product, the fact of matter is that they have made a business decision. This was a bad business decision which is proving to tarnish their public relations with the community and their credibility as video game publisher. In fact considering their apathetic policy towards thousands of people displaying their outrage towards this decision through petitions, letters and phone calls, even a web site; by stating that there is not a market for their product is deplorable and clearly displays LucasArts as an incompetent organization.

Anyway I’m getting off track… My point is LucasArts has made a formal business decision, this means the lives of their employees are affected by this. This is not something where they can simply admit that they made have one of single biggest mistakes in the history of the company, and possibly the entire gaming industry, and just keep on making the game. No, if they did that the iron fist of suits of the company would be watered down, their authority would seem frail. So is it just a ego thing? Partly, but like I said lives are affected by this. There are contracts and other legal crap that comes with this sort of thing. To get this game going again would be embarrassing for the company and would require a lot of paper work.

IMO our only hope at this stage is that another publisher sees that LucasArts has thrown away a golden opportunity, and picks up Sam & Max. The likelyhood of that happening is slim...very slim... but I think it is possible… So keep voting, maybe, just maybe someone with authority will wake up…. I doubt it though.

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