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Episode 18: Qollous Unleashed

The band of 9 remaining Jedi jumped out of hyperspace and soon entered the urban planet of Coruscant. High atop the tallest tower on Coruscant, the Hologra Tower, Darth Qollous stood, surveying the urban landscape. It was late evening, the sun was setting faster than normal.
Stingers patrolled everywhere. There was very little traffic, only the daring were driving their speeders. The buildings were marked with black decals showing where, which and how the speeder or ship was crashed. In the sky, nine TiEs approached the planet, unwary of the deadly Sith Lord on the highest tower.

A few seconds later, Mordale, Luke and Kyle were spotted Qollous on the Hologra Tower. In a second, Mordale shouted commands on his comlink. "All Jedi, continue plans. I, Kyle, Luke and Grad will deal with Jaden first. May the force be with you". The TiEs parted, four going in Jaden's direction and five going the other way round.
Jaden grinned as the four TiEs landed, surrounding him on the high platform roof of the Tower. The Jedi got out, standing in a Normal Stance.
"Ready for more?"
None of the Jedi replied.
Jaden grabbed his X-Saber and held it in front of him, unignited.
"Jaden, give up the Empire" started Kyle.
"Why? I have benefitted so much from the empire which I would have never acquired had I stayed in the academy".
"What will you get, Jaden? Power? Strength? The Empire is your way to doom".
"Not mine, It's yours". Jaden ignited his saber and jumped over to Kyle, the X-Saber in front of him. Kyle vaguely defended with his saber. The two engaged in a tough saber-lock where Qollous was winning. If Kyle lost the lock, he would fall from the highest tower on Coruscant.
Qollous leaned over Kyle, unleashing his power, slowly.
Grad Yun'huk, another human Jedi attacked Jaden with his purple and blue sabers. In a split-second, Jaden cut the saber-lock and insrted two of his blades deep into Grad's abdomen, slaughtering him.
Luke and Mordale attacked Jaden, only to be thrown back. Once again, everybody were put in the same postion, with one Jedi less.

Kyle stepped forward to Qollous and stood only three feet away from him.
"Jaden, you must..."
Qollous grabbed him with Force Choke and swiftly moved his hand to the right. Kyle, who was caught by surprise, choked and plummetted to the ground at a high speed.

"Two down, two to go" said Jaden as he stepped forward, facing the last two Jedi.
"That's it!" losing his patience, Jaden's brother struck the X-Saber. The two engaged in a short duel which ended as Qollous used heavy force lightning on Mordale. Over that, Mordale's armour was metal, increasing the effect.
"Three down, one to go". With that, Qollous jumped for Luke. Luke dodged in answer. Qollous stopped midway and directly attacked Luke who started a duel with Qollous. After a long duel, Qollous choked Luke. Luke broke away from the hold and took a second to rebreathe. In this precious second, Jaden struck Luke with lightning and when Luke was weak, pushed him off the tower.

Then he turned to his brother.

Episode 19 Preview:
"This won't be the last time, bro".

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