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"Roger. Firing turrets." James said.

Lasers fire errupted from everywhere arround the Reminsense. MacCoy yelled something but he couldn't understand it. James just kept firing. Wave after wave of Ties just kept coming and coming. It was like it would never end. James locked on to a group of Intercepters and fire some cluster missiles at them. Then a Tie Advance, the Tie Fighter like Darth Vader's old one, came out of nowhere with two Intercepters. "Only Top Imperial Officer Pilots Pilot those," James thought. The Tie Advance fired it's lasers at a B-Wing and blew off it's left wing. This was James' only chance. James fired the rest of his cluster missiles at the Tie Advance and concentrated all turret fire on it. In a matter of seconds the Tie Advance and Intercepters were destoryed. Harew was moping up the rest of the Ties but it was clear, they had won the Battle of Correlia.

"Can't wait for the promotions!" Locklear called out.

"I'm with ya comprendea!" Mendoza cheered along.

"Harew, we've won. See you at the promotion ceromony." James said and then he clicked off the comm.


"I'm happy to promote Lt. James Stacker to Field Commander for his bravery and courage in the Battle of Correlia.

(Luke, give what promotion you want to your guy.)

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