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Episode 19: Brother vs. Brother

The two stared at each other. Mordale Korr, wearing his Mandalorian armour. Jaden Korr, or Darth Qollous gripping his X-Saber.

Mordale ignited his one blade of his lightsaber.
Qollous smiled.
"Jaden, why did you go to the dark side? Think."
"It was my destiny."
"How can you tell?"
"Remember when I made that saber? It was Freedon Nadd who taught me. He told me to join the Academy, then come to the Dark Side. He told me that I was greatest Sith Lord".
"That was pure flattery"
"I don't think Kyle, Luke or that other Jedi agree with you"
"Qollous, the Dark Side... it leads to the murdering of innocent people..."
"Like our... your parents?"
"I forgot to tell you, mortal I killed your parents. That was my first trial to be a Sith".

There was complete silence, save the wailing of Coruscant wind. The sun was setting fast and the sky was in a firework colour display, switching from bllue, to orange, to red, then violet and finally black.

"You... You killed our parents?"
Jaden nodded.
Fueled with Dark Rage, Mordale ignited his other blade and rushed for Jaden. The two engaged in a long, powerful duel. Both adversaries well equally matched and suffered a few blows, but the Dark Side kept them on.
"Now do you realise... the power... of the dark side?" asked Darth Qollous as he sheilded himself from Mordale. Mordale didn't reply, but kept on delivering heavy blows on Darth Qollous. Through the force, Jaden's eyes became red and his body staarted throbbing. Mordale swung his saber at Jaden who hit Mordale's head. Luckily, Mordale's helmet was the only thing that was damaged. It fell off as Jaden, for the first time in fifteen years, saw Mordale's face.
But this distraction didn't stop Qollous. The two clashed their sabers hard and were in a saber lock. Each one trying to counter the other. After about thirty seconds, Jaden backed down. The surprised Mordale fell ahead. Before he could touch the ground, his face gets scarred by Jaden's X-Saber.
"Hope that scar will remind you of the battle every time you look at your disgusting face".
"This won't be the last time, bro".
"You bet"

Jaden then Force Choked Mordale and threw him off the tower.
Satisfied, he ordered one of the pilots to bring him his stinger.

Episode 20 Preview:
"Mordale! What happened to your face??"

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