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Exclamation Announcement: New Rules Thread (read Before Posting! Your Thread May Be Closed)

Due to many complaints received on the material in this forum, especially from LF administration, these (re)updated rules and guidelines have become necessary. Read on...

1. Despite the header "Star Wars Roleplaying" above this forum, over half the RPG threads in this forum deal with non-Star Wars material. All such threads will be given a week from today (4/01/04) to finish, and will then be locked. Any new threads that have nothing to do with Star Wars will be deleted. This goes for the Stories / Fan Fiction subforum as well.

2. General threads are not allowed of course, but I have allowed "discussion" and "databank" threads in the past. Due to clutter issues, that is no longer the case. (Thus, for example, the character databank and planet database threads will now be closed. They sucked anyway)

3. Any topics that fail to meet a certain standard of quality will be summarily closed and/or deleted. This is due to the large number of "RPGs" that have material unfit for first-grader intelligence levels and worse writing (see below).

4. All topics will be run through a spell-check. (Because I don't have the time to spell check half a million threads, this only applies to threads replied to after today, 4/01/04.) Too many spelling/grammatical errors will result in a warning. Topics that continue to display an unacceptably high level of unreadability after the warning will be locked.

5. Any specific posters with exceptionally bad grammar and/or spelling will be given one warning. The next offense earns a temp ban. If you can't write properly, you shouldn't be writing.

6. The above applies also to repeat double-posting offenders, due to the incredibly large number of these.

7. Godmoding, character controlling, breaking thread rules and/or not participating will now all result in a warning and then a temp ban.

8. Remember, the most important rule is still - have fun! Happy first of April!

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