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Ok, say this is so and the week comes to an end.

Wouldn't the RPG forum die? I mean, 90 percent of it isn't Star Wars, and most of them got, and came around nicely..[language excised - Redwing]

[See above - Redwing], why would you go hardcore on those who can't spell, I see that as a little unfair, I mean, you can't just rip on someone who can't spell, they could be younger than use, such as rick ulo, and can't come out with The most correct of spelling and grammar.

I find this a little stupid >_>

Be that as it may, please don't use such inappropriate language in your posts in the future. Thanks. -Redwing

"We all Have to Die Someday, I'm just lucky I got to say my goodbyes before my term was up."-Randy Darke (R.I.P)

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