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Episode 20: Return of Kun

After falling off the tower, Mordale had landed hard on a speeder, then taken by Kyle and Luke (Who were alive) to Tatooine, the only unconquered planet. On the way, they faced dozens of Imperial scout and patrol ships. The remaining Republicans had transformed back to Rebels as the army of 300 fled to various locations in the galaxy, including Corellia, Chandrila. Ord Mantell and even Hoth.

Mordale finally woke up from the deep meditated state the force had put him into.
"Uh? Kyle? Where am I? Where is Jaden?"
Kyle shamefully looked down, "We lost. We lost, Mordale. Jaden has become more stronger than any of us, even Luke!"
Mordale got up, shaked his head and stared at Kyle. In the light, Mordale's scar was visible.
"Mordale! What happened to your face???" exclaimed Kyle.
Mordale took a minute to look at the mirror and feel his scar. His anger then took over, but he managed to hide it. Kyle sensed it, "Mordale, you put up a good fight with Jaden, even though he is your brother. I'm proud of you."
Mordale slowly turned his head towards Kyle, miserably and started weeping over the duel which changed their fates. The duel which broke all relations. The duel which destroyed the brotherhood of two.
Darth Qollous ignited one of his blade.
The rebel spy in front of him, started shivering.
Qollous pointed his saber to the other's throat.
"Now will you tell me your plans?"
"Uh... Uh..."
"Where were you headed? Tell me before I feed you to my saber!"
"Ch... Ch... Chandrila"
"And why were you headed to Chandrila?"
"T..To inform Gen... Gen... General Raigers"
"Good. I may spare you."
The other's face brightened.
"Or maybe not". With a quick, swift saber move, he beheaded the spy.

The door opened as a New Imperial stormtrooper entered, his golden logo bright.
"Sir, our next orders?"
"Sweep Chandrila."
The stormtrooper returned.
Qollous looked out of the bridge of the star destroyer when something occured to him.
He called up a stromtrooper.
"Trooper, take me to Kuat"
"Yes sir."

Pleased with himself, Qollous tood there, triumphantly when suddenly Kun's ghost invaded his head.
"Qollous! What have you done?? You were supposed to ressurect all of us"
"Uh. You again??? What do you mean by 'us'?"
"All of us sith lords".
"I don't care. I've got what I've needed. I did what Freedon told me to do. I've even proven myself to be the greatest Sith Lord ever".
"You were supposed to make a new order! A now order of the Sith!"
"Lies, Greed, Deceit. The way of the Sith". Said Qollous as his Destroyer jumped into hyperspace.
"You and I, soon." Replied Exar Kun.

Episode 21 Preview:
"Luke, we lost Chandrila."

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