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Originally posted by razorace

Sure, some progress has been made lately, but that seems to be mainly due to Unique coming in and basically turning the TC into AImod with AotC maps/models. And then you degrade his contribution by promoting someone who didn't do jack for the project until Unique started chompin' at the bit.
Hmm...let me ask you something? I know this comment was made a while ago, (3/16) to be approx; but I can't help but notice the comment was geared toward me. Now...if you truly were covering aotctc development, you would know what assignments jaii gave me to do in jk2. Now I've done them, when jaii mysteriously disappeared the project was dropped. No one knew WTF was going on. Most of it was because of bad management. So stating that I didnt do "jack" was and is a completely false statement. As soon as I finished 1.2 of the JAR project, Anakin finally contacted me and said we brought in a new programmer for you to work with. I was like great, when do we start. The fact that Unique1 was making a port of his jk2 mod to jk3, and that he became a part of the team, made everything easier from a coding perspective. We merged our code almost immediatly that day.

Now that I know the other programmers are serious about working on the project, I started creating visions and goals of what I want the mod to do. The other leaders at AOTC:TC seemed very unmotivated so they brought me in. Why did they do that? Simple...I have been there from day 1 and I am very much a leader when it comes to teamplay.

So here we are now, still coding and everything going well. I just wanted to make sure you knew the truth before making any judgment on the dedication I have to working on mods and contributing to parts of the team.


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