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Using ModView

Well, I''ve never skinned before, but I thought I might try it. I'm using (or trying to use) ModView, so if anyone who knows about that could help me.

The problem is, when I'm following the tutorial, it says to extract the models and skins from their assets0.pk3 file, which can be found in the GameData\Base directory. Well, firstly, I'm wondering how it got there and replaced the original, because I don't recall telling it to. But I go there anyway, and use Winzip to extract it. I'm told to look for the path 'models\players' and extract those files. However, there is no such path in my assets0.pk3. There is, however, that path in the directory where ModView was extracted, if that matters.

So, can anyone help me? Tell me what I haven't done?
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