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It actually made it up to the 28th of this month. It seemed as though that every day that passed, it got one day closer (as in on the 1st, EBGames said the 30th; 2nd, the 29th; and so on. It has actually been doing that for about two weeks now.

Until today.

"Thank you for ordering from This email is to confirm that
your order has been cancelled. If you have any questions about your
order, please give us a call at (877) 432-9675 or send an email to and we would happy to assist you. Again, thank you
for shopping at

Here is the status of the item(s) you have ordered:
SAM AND MAX 2 PC Ordered: 1 Shipped: 0"

*sigh* Oh well. I was so upset, I took the money that I was going to spend on the game, and bought a MINI Cooper. (I was never too good at math.)


Oops... posted first, read later. Sent a few hours earlier:

"Dear Customer, strives to fill all of the orders that we receive but once
in a while a product that is listed as coming soon does not make it
onto the shelves. This has happened with an item that you have on order.
We will not be receiving any copies of Sam and Max 2 PC, and therefore
will be unable to fill your order. We have cancelled your order for this
item and your credit card will not be charged. If you have other items
on your order, those will remain on the order and shipped as soon as

If you have any further questions, please feel free to either reply to
this e-mail or give us a call at 877-432-9675.

We apologize for the inconvenience, Customer Service"
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