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Team Corellia series

Team Corellia Part 2 is now avaliable for download (version requires retail version of Jedi Academy to view)! WMV version on its way.

Team Corellia is a comedy series created within Jedi Academy, with locations created for the series and events scripted like ingame cutscenes. Our seven man team has been set the mission of finding a man called Ackalas in the dangerous Corperate Sector. Shady Agent Black leads a ragged band including Car'Let the (barely qualified) Jedi, Lt. Castle the CorSec policeman, Makso the mercenary and Harris, Dalta and Anders - three of the Worst soldiers the New Republic ever drafted.

I'd be very pleased to hear what you think of the series so far, suggestions very welcome

Team Corellia

Written by Simon "Kengo" Williams and Niall "CookedHaggis" Henderson

Matthew Pate as Jaden Car'Let
Richard "frances_farmer" White as Pvt. Luke Harris
Chronocrossed as Pvt. Alan Dalta
Leo "Darth Exodus" Thornton as Lt. Castle, Makso
Leslie Judge as Cpl. Anders
Mauri "Darkblade" Majanoja as Agent Black


Wedge as CorSec Receptionist

Guest Stars:
Wes Marrakesh - Smuggler
Steve 'Wotno' Peacock - The Collaborator

Team Corellia
Part 1 - Corellia

by Simon "Kengo" Williams and Lasse "Lassev" Vääriskoski
WMV version avaliable (Required Windows Media Player)

Jedi Academy V1.20 Avaliable

Part 2 - A Place in the Shade

Jedi Academy V1.0 Avaliable


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