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Episode 21: Defeat of Chandrila

Chandrila. The planet of rifts, valleys and mountains. A planet with an obvious concentration of the force. The great rift, the place where an old Jedi Knight had died and where his coffin lay. Jaden had once come here, to break up a cult operation and he had carried out the job successfully. For the Chandrilians, the world had become a normal place, a place where trade flourishes, people live and everything is set.
Unknown to them, in between them live Rebel spies. Hidden, unknown and hiding their uniform and symbol. One such rebel spy was exploring the streets of Ha'ar Nushakdet. The spy, overheard a conversation between a couple.
"Don't go to work, dear, it may be dangerous"
"The Imperials are going to raid this planet. Those scoundrels..."
He didn't hear any more. Shivering, he pulled out the comlink and communicated General Yal'ra.
"General? Chandrila is expecting a raid from the Imper..."
Stingers attacked the city, seeking out rebel spies with their eagle eyes. From ground, blasters shot as the black stormtroopers raided the street.
Nervous, the spy tried to escape, only to be shot down by a stinger. His back was burned. In a final attempt, the called the General again.
"Sir, we are u-under h-he-heavy attack. N-Need ass-ssistance, im-im-imm-immediatly."
"We hear you. We'll send you... Hello? S376, Respond. Damn! We lost him. All available units, go to Chandrila and determine the strength of enemy army".
"Roger, sir".

The X-Wings erupted from an underground base in Dessalonia. Going away from the dull planet, they engaged into Hyperspace and jumped out at Chandrila. A big mistake. Their were three star destroyers parked. Finding the republic ships, they opened fire instantly. Many X-Wings were lost, until the lieutenant announced a retreat.
Some X-Wings were lost while escaping and Stingers were chasing down the remaining. Overall, the battle was a victory, for the Imperials.
Somewhere, sometime
"You are now ready. You will defeat the betrayer, Darth Qollous and capture the throne. After that, I'll tell you what to do..."
The other didn't reply.
Kyle moved thorugh the corridors of the bunker in Dessalonia. He had received the retreat notice and was going to Luke. Luke was giving some orders to Rebel trooper. Kyle came from the back.
"Luke, we lost Chandrila".
Luke took some time. "We, we lost Chandrial?"
Kyloe nodded.
"That's bad. But I sense Jaden will be defeated soon."
"Odd. Who's defeating Jaden? A Jedi?"
"Even worse, a Sith. I can't clearly see it."
"My next orders?"
"Hmmm.... Go to the planet of Car...Cartarossa".
"Never heard of that planet..."
"Find it and go there."
"Yes, sir!" acnowledged Kyle, imitating a clone trooper.

Episode 22 Preview:
"Challenge him. Challenge and defeat Qollous".

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