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Episode 22: Azenite

The planet of Cartaarossa. A layer of land topped with snow and villages. Natives to this planet, the Zeroes had learned to take advantage of their treacherous terrain. About 80% of the population lived in villages. Only two, enormous cities are found on this snow planet.
At the west, high atop Gwaer peak, a cave is seen. Inside, it houses a hangar and a home, where every wall, ceiling and floor is covered with ice.

Living in this unusual house was Azenite. A Zeroe, only diffrent. Unlike normal zeroes, he was taller, more muscular and of a block-like structure. His eyes were metallic-azure and his hair, which flowed from his head to the end of his neck like a horse, silver-blue.
He sat, meditating the force. Soon, Exar Kun appeared in front of him.
"Are you now ready?"
Azenite continued meditating.
"I see you are. You're well in line with the force, aren't you?Challenge him. Challenge and defeat Qollous"
Azenite ignored him once again.
"Enough meditation! Now, it is the time for your first trial"
The white, humanlike being rose from his meditation and looked at the spirit.
"I'm ready now"
"Good, find this man and kill him in any way you wish".
The spirit disappeared, but gave a Force picture to Azenite. The picture was of a reborn, in fine red robes. His face showed his greed and the fact that he was a dimwit. His saber's hilt was also one of the modern kind.
Azenite closed and opened his eyes, then sleekly walked to his stolen TiE. Once inside, he zoomed off into space.

"He is the one. Yes he is".
A few seconds after the Zeroe's disappearence, an X-Wing flew overhead.
"Huh? That has to this Kyle person. How can he rish travelling in an X-Wing. Strange."
The X-Wing circled overhead and finally landed the hangar.
"Well, whaddaya know. Luke was right once again. There is a planet named Cartarossa and this place seems to be force heaven. A feeling of the dark side... The same feeling at Yavin 4... That's trange. It appears the maker of the temple on Yavin 4 has been here."
Qollous sat meditating in his chamber. He had sensed the presence of an asassin, well-trained in the force, sent for him. Suddenly, it was revealed to him that he is at Tatooine. Darth Qollous sat up and walked over to the stinger bay. Taking his stinger, he exited the Super Star Destroyer, made for him and initiated hyperspace for just outside Tatooine.
In a swoop, the ferry finally exited outside Tatooine. Azenite took off with his TiE and headed for Tatooine. Just around, a stinger dropped out of hyperspace and headed for Tatooine. Azenite closed his eyes for a while and having sensed his prey, he turned to Mos Eisley.
The stinger was at the horizon, approaching a village, far away. Azenite knew something was wrong with the stinger and landed his craft at the Mos Eisley spaceport, ready to use his abundant force power.

Episode 23 Preview:
"Impressive, but you cannot deceive me".

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