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Originally posted by TK_Nutritious
well that's not really the problem, it's not about hard drive space... The problem is when you get to the screenshot limit of 10000. Folders won't allow you to have that many files in one folder. So if you use cl_avidemo 50 you'd only be able to do about.... (does math) 2:20 worth of a demo before running outta room.
how can I clear my screenshots info? I ran intot he max # and now I can't make any more demos... Is there a way to reset it? I've been deleteing the screenshots but it still starts at the last used # instead of the last existing file#.


ignore that... I realized it resets after you exit JK2.
i got down just about everything involving the demo->avi/other video container conversions and I just saw Nutri's "tricky" video... It was pretty good, I already knew all of that though, and you didn't really go into the cool map secrets like walking on the roof of NS Streets and all that. You also didn't do any of the saber tricks... Maybe I'll make a nice demo vid and show you my stuff... also... 100mb is kinda big for 3 mins of video and audio, don't you agree? i have a 4 minute demo recorded that's 30mb without audio... +audio ~ 34mb I'm thinking. You have to compress your audio source into mp3 or ogg maybe. Mp3 is the most popular though, so I'd go with that. And the framesize of the video was really big, too... the video was pixelated at certain points.. if you shrink framesize and increase bitrate quality should go up and it'll stay around the same size, maybe smaller.

That's all for now, and thanks for the idea =]

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