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Episode 23: A new threat

Azenite walked through the dusty streets of Tatooine, trying to adapt his body to the desrt climate. He was a lot like humans, but he wasn't. Unlike humans, he wasn't fully adaptive. The hotness slowly built up on him. He had to finally use the force to keep himself warm.
The people looked at this 6 foot iceman. Some grew suspicious. Sandtrooper guards stared menacingly at the Zeroe. Azenite closed his eyes and let the force guide him to his target.
Meanwhile, Azenite's target was a Dark Jedi by the name of Verantos Masquod. He was travelling through the streets, looking for a Hutt crimelord his leader had told him to eliminate. After some questioning, Verantos found the crimelord to be in an underground palace, linked by a Cantina.
Verantos found that Cantina and ordered a drink. While he was sipping, he found a suspicious little pedal below his seat. Looking around, the Dark Jedi stepped hard on the pedal and his seat fell down through an unknown trapdoor. Verantos, ultimately fell onto the Underground section of Mos Eisley. It was currently under construction, though. In the front, there was a large door, guarded by two Gamorrean guards.
Verantos walked up and asked permission to enter. The Gamorrean didn't grant it. Without replying, Verantos sabered the two guards and opened the door with Force Push. Inside, the Hutt was entertaining himself by watching some dancers. Verantos used the Force and banged those dancers against the walls.
"Eh? Who are you? Doesn't matter now... You will die. Jedi."
"Who are you calling a..." a cage fell round Verantos.
"Now what will you do?"
Verantos plainly grinned. He used his saberto cut open the cage. The Hutt's eyes brightened.
"Attack that Jedi!!" he ordered.
At once, mercenaries started firing at the Dark Jedi who defended and reflected each shot with pin-point accuracy. Soon, none of the mercenaries were left.
"Impressive, but you cannot deceive me!" said the Hutt. A microsecond later, the world round him started shaking and rocks fell from the surface. The Hutt squealed. An enormous boulder, about 5 feet high and 7 feet wide fell on the Hutt and crushed him. His body burst, revealing a messy, gory inside.

Verantos stood, wondering what was happening. He fell over and kept the rocks up with the force.Soon, the shaking stopped and Azenite dropped in.
"Wh-Who are you?" stammered the Dark Jedi.
Azenite didn't reply, he held up his saber and ignited it's blue blade.
"S-So you're a J-J-Jedi".
Azenite concentrated and soon a pile of rocks fell from the ceiling, forming a tomb around Verantos. Verantos cut open some rocks with his saber and as soon as he came out, Azenite was missing.
Trusting the force, he turned back. Azenite was there and he used Force Push, really hard. The rocks came at a blazing speed straight for Verantos. He jumped, but a rock hit his leg and he slammed hard on the rock, face-first. He looked up, his face bleeding. Azenite choked him and raised him high above.
He then used Force Pull and the Dark Jedi went straight into the blue saber.

His job succesfull, he jumped up, to the surface of Tatooine. It was a city street where he came up and in front of him, Darth Qollous stood, staring at him.

Episode 24 Preview:
"If you're looking for my throne, you're very, very wrong"".

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