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It really is a simple thing to do, once you know how to do it that is

You don't have to copy and paste every feild separately, If what your trying to do is add new PC's to the player selection screen you can just copy and paste an appropriate(male/female or other) row from the appearnace.2da your editing then just change the fields that need to be changed. You will need to add three new rows if you want the PC's to be used by all the classes. so in the 2da it should look something like this:

just copy a row from one of the exsisting PC's

When it comes to adding new PC's most likly the only columns that would need to be changed is normalhead , texa andtexaevil

If you are adding new heads then you will have add a new row at the end of the 2da your combining and renumber as needed then just add the names of the textures if each column(without file extensions)

Head column:you would put the texture that is nuetral in here.
headtexvvve:last DS transition
headtexvve:3rd DS transition
headtexve:2nd DS transition
headtexe:first DS transition
headtexg:this column
headtexvg:and this colum were supposed to be for LS transitions,but were left out. I Don't think it works if you put a texture there. I have not bothered to try it out. I think Kitty did except it didn't work.

Now back to appearance.2da depending what row you new colum is (107,108 ect.)you would put that number in the normalhead column.

The last the you need to do is edit portraits.2da add a new row at the end of the list.these are the columns you need to edit:

baseresref:neutral portrait goes here
appearancenumber:the for the med(or scout class goes here)
appearance_s: number for sml(or scoundral)
appearance_l: number for lgr(soldier)
forpc: 1( say this is a playable character)
baseresrefe:first DS transition
baseresrefve:2nd DS transition
baseresrefvve:3rd DS transition
baseresrefvvve:last DS transition

remember when editing 2da's with KT to be sure to select a field outside of the last one you edited before saving.

IF you only have on texture for the head and protraite thats ok. You can place the same texture name in each field.

Ok I think that should explain how to combine PC mods.
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