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This chapter all takes place in Gavs mind.


Thus the struggle begins! Gav is in a room with a man (A jedi/Sith)
the man asks him Which power does he prefer Absorb or Dark Rage? Gav anwsers DR the next thing the man asks is which power do you prefer Heal or lightning? Gav anwsered Heal. the next thing asked was whick do you prefer grip or mind trick? Gav anwsered Grip The next thing asked was which do you prefer Protect or Absorb? Gav anwsered Protect the last thing asked was qhich do you prefer peace or POWER This tore Gav apart he knows that the light side is right but he wants Power and revenge for his frind named Fraw Gadev. Frew got killed by the jedi by accident because he got in the way of a duel betwean his perents who were DJs and some jedi thus dieing. In the End He could not decide untill a spirit appeared it was the spirit of Fraw Fraw said this "Is this the life you want by killing innocent people do you think that is how I would want do not do it turn to the light." the spirit slowly dissappered "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." said Gav in the end he chose he decided to be

(The suspense) A protecter of the Galaxy and he started to awaken into the real world.

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