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It was late at night.
Mr Flibble had just posted on and was just shutting down his computer. He heard the door being opened.
Mr Flibble turned round to see Siv waving his dildo and a copy of the karma sutra.
Mr Flibble: I told you Siv, my bread's not buttered on that side. Now get out of my house you perv.
the foul person who would bring about his demise.
Mr F: Oh, hello. Its you.
What are you doing. No, NO

The cold thud of Detroit steel. Five times. Mr Flibble's head nearly fell off. The blood pooled around the floor...

The murderer licked the blood, then ate the corspe.

Then went home to watch CSI.

People who call me 'paranoid' are probably in on the plot.
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