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Episode 24: Duel in the Dust

Qollous had seen the entire battle. He was impressed with Azenite. The Zeroe had erupted from sand, in the city streets of Mos Eisley. Bystanders stood, jaws open at what was about to happen. Sandtroopers guarded the area and attacked Azenite. Azenite stood where he was, deactivating his saber and using the force to form a barrier around himself. The blasters reflected against the invisible wall and killed the stormtroopers. A few remainders ran away to inform the others. Azenite brought them back and force pushed them so hard, they flew clear over the horizon.

Darth Qollous ignited one blade and stood in a new stance. He held his saber right below his right armpit with both hands. With this stance, he was able to comfortably switch between blades and develop a merciless, bewildering move. Azenite, however, had sensed his intentions. He pulled the X-Saber right out of the other's hands and tossed it behind his shoulder. Qollous tried moving it, but Azenite moved it further.

Qollous was enraged, he was the emperor and to him, Azenite was nothing. Yet this "nothing" just humiliated the Emperor in front of a pathetic crowd. Qollous' mind raged and soon he attacked Azenite with his plain body and hands. The attack was foiled by Azenite's barrier and unbelieveable Force Abilities. Azenite used Qollous' corrupted mind to take over him and lashed him around the Tatooine houses, covering the Emperor with dust. This enraged the Dark Emperor even more.

With full force, he pulled the saber and engaged in a new kata. He brought about unexpected and uncomprehensible moves while activating/deactivating his blades.Azenite's Force Barrier wore off and he had to defend with his blue lightsaber. He wasn't well in lightsaber skills and managed to defend a few blows. When Qollous really got angry, he jumped high up onto the Tatoiine rooftops. The two battled above those curved roofs.

Qollous finally got tired and started a normal duel. Azenite sighed and pulled Jaden behind him and made him fall over the rooftops. Qollous jumped back up and fell back down with Azenite's push. Jaden finally realised that it was no use reaching for his anger. Cool, he jumped and force pushed Azenite. Azenite absorbed the force push and plunged ahead with his saber. Jaden barely dodged, but his right abdomen got charred.

In his agony, he fell and rolled of the tall rooftops, screaming out. Azenite leapt from the rooftop onto Jaden with his saber sinking deep into the injured part of the abdomen. Jaden kicked hard Azenite fell back. Satisfied that his weak opponenet had finally been finished. The people gathered aorund their emperor and sent him via VIP ferry to Coruscant pronto in order to get the best medical assistance.
In Coruscant, Qollous woke up from the deep sleep. He fell into sleep about when he got into the ferry on a strecher held by the two strecher droids. He sat up and found an old doctor and his trusty medi-droid with him.
"Your majesty, are you alright?" asked the aged doctor.
"Yes. Yes I am."
"Good. Now try and move your abdomen."
Qollous found this order unusual and dumb but he tried to wiggle his torso. The left side wiggled as normal, however, the right part was feeling a bit heavy. Confused, he looked down at his torso. His right part of his torso was replaced by a artificial, robotic abdomen.
Full of shock, Jaden looked at the doctor.
"Good, so it works! Congrats TR-89! We must get going now..."

In his strange shock, Jaden lay on his bed, pale. He sensed Exar Kun's spirit.

"If you're looking for my throne, you're very, very wrong." he said out loud.

Episode 25 Preview:
"He won't last long. Neither will you."

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