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Thanks for the feedback I am working on spelling it is starting to improve.

Chapter 4 Training

Gav and Kager are at the training grounds "Alright Gav it is time to train you with a lightsaber." said Kager some Remotes came out Gav was doing well untill the last remote came out Gav could not hit it he tryed and tryed but could not get it then he tried something he threw his lightsaber and it hit. "Good." said Kager but can you handle an opponent a droid came out with a stun saber "Yes I can master Forn." said Gav "Just call me Kager." said Kager. First Gav did a downward slash the droid blocked it then the droid did a side slash Gav blocked and following Gavs block Gav did a upward strike spting theroid in two. "Good Gav." said Kager "Thanyou Maste... er Kager." Reg enters the training grounds "I looked at the caves and found this." said Reg "What is that?" asked Gav "I belive it is a device to steal force power and absorb power from lightsaber crystals "Is that possible?" asked Gav "Very possible." said Kager "Well lets go inside we willl further disscuss this in my meditation chambers." said Reg

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