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Okay Ray, let me attempt to answer your questions:

"how do you get from the "United Polish Space Program" to "D.U.M.B."??
or from the "International McDonalds Collaboration Organization Program" to "I.D.I.O.T."??"

That's not directed towards me. That's why I complimented them on their humor so.

"uh,.. and err.. "lame ass nerd sarcasm"? "

Yes, I says what I says and I yam what I yam.

"couldnt you just have answered it?"

Plausible. Now ask me this... if I somehow decided to tie a girl up to my bed and do raunchy things while she had duct tape on her mouth to stifle her screams... just how deviant would that be?

"hey and sean, didnt you see the real meaning?"

I don't have much belief in meaning or anything of the sort.
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