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Originally posted by SyntheticGerbil
That's not directed towards me. That's why I complimented them on their humor so.

Yes, I says what I says and I yam what I yam.
sure. why not. i just was missing some color.. maybe.

Now ask me this... if I somehow decided to tie a girl up to my bed and do raunchy things while she had duct tape on her mouth to stifle her screams... just how deviant would that be?
neh. i could answer this myself. and you sure already noticed that i did not ask you a question.. perhabs i did, but not directly. see below. and above. and damn it at that monitor in front of you!!

I don't have much belief in meaning or anything of the sort.
not that *non existing* meaning. the other, contextbased one. the one that you use so much. err.. or dont you?


and also.. there IS no fight.


i want a cookie. chocolate. and a glass of ice cold milk.

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