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I just wanted to say how great your site is. I've been waiting for a rip of Force Commander for some time.

One question though. After reading through this thread, I'm still not sure why certain songs from sam and max are missing. Such songs include edutainment, mole man blues, and the 4 snuckey's songs, just to name a few. I'd really like to have definitive soundtracks to these great lucasarts games and I think you've come the closest to making them in terms of the quality of the sound. I'd like to help in some way.

As for Maniac Mansion, while I can't comment on other versions, the NES version's music is quite easilly accessible. Most NES roms have had the raw data to their music ripped for quite some time now. Just check out's massive music library to find Maniac Mansion's. If you want, I'd be glad to rip them to mp3 with Winamp for you.

Thanks again for your awesome work and here's to some more great music!
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