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Chapter 6 Kaw-Jad

Gav and Kager enter orbit around Kaw-Jad when they got attacked by a star destroyer "I thought the empire was destroyed." said Gav "Me too." said Kager the stardestroyer captured the shuttel (that Kager and Gav where on) in its tractor beam! The shuttel arrives in the hanger then 1,000 storm troopers came storming to the hanger "I have a bad feeling about this." said Kager "Come out with your hands up." said an officer the jedi did all the storm troopers pointed there guns to Kager and Gav a group of troopers took there lightsabers. Gav and Kager where thrown in a cell the troopers who put them in there locked the door and left. Kager was able to get loose a vent in his cell Gav and Kager entered the vent shaft the shaft led to the armory. Gav and Kager entered the armory and grabed their lightsabers then left. Gav and Kager got to their ship without antone knowing and the troopers turned off the tractor beam because the jedi were captured so Gav and Kager enter there ship and land on Kaw-Jad. Gav and Kager explore a local cantina but there is no sign of the Sagheyers "Well that was an adventure but there is nothing here so lets return to Dantooine." Gav and Kager return to the acadamy.

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