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Stuck at Sunken Palace of Belisaruius

Ok, I can complete the level, but I want to get the artifact for this level! According to the game guide:
Delian Proclamation - in Istanbul, the Sunken Palace, turn left at the top of the toppled pillar and make your way around the room by jumping and whipping across the columns. At the end of the road there will be a hook, though no whip icon appears. Swing across it to reach a box; if you picked up the machete underwater near the circular temple where the demo charges were located, you can cut the rope to reveal your prize.

I can't cut the damn rope!! I've tried both the machete and turkish knife! I swing and slash and stab at the rope as I'm stading on this suspended box, but I've had no luck! Very annoying!
I'm running v1.01 on WinXP Pro.
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