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Originally posted by Darth54
Very good story, saber.

Though I personally think that you're pushing it a little bit too far (like bringing the clones back, and Qollous being able to beat three Jedi including Luke).

Qollous can be really powerful, but I doubt anybody can take on Luke, Kyle and two others with much ease. (it *could* be possible, but in your text, Qollous beats them too easily, IMO)

Great work anyway.
I'm also thinking the same thought...
He had beaten Kyle, in JA, no questions. As for Luke, I'm still a bit unsure. They had shown him too weak in the movies and in JA, he never fought. I made him a bit weak.

Darth Qollous is so powerful, because Freedon Nadd, Exar Kun, Marka Ragnos, Darth Imperius and other Siths beleived that Jaden is the one who shall bring back the reign of the Sith in the galaxy. During his birth, many spirits arrived and invested a tiny portion of their Force into Jaden, making him more powerfull than normal. That explains the fact that he completed his Jedi Training in a matter of weeks. Check the Character thread in the RPG foum for more info. (Last Page)

Thanks doomgiver, you're flattering me. Am I really that good? I'm very surprised.

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