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'd certainly like to see another game in the series - but I have a feeling they would want to change the format. Raven wanted to do something new with JA, and it worked to a certain degree (the tiered mission format - okay in principle but slightly flawed in the execution). Many people have already complained that JA was too similar to JO in terms of the gameplay dynamic, and some simply viewed it as an expansion pack - which is a bit unfair IMHO. Nevertheless, the whole game industry at the moment seems to be trying to reinvent the wheel for no good purpose (other than to widen the target markets), so I would imagine any more games in this series would undergo some fundamental changes. An engine change is pretty certain for starters.
first Lucasarts DO have the resources to develop a new engeine.
But it will problably take some years.

2nd why shouldn't they hire Raven again? I mean they have developed JA JO. But im not sure if they also developed DF II.
But if they did they are abou 75 procent that they will help developing it again.

The game would also be pretty hard to start.
I mean they have to find a default skin for Jaden.
or also if you would be playing him again.

and there would be 2 different tracks in the start one for light and one for dark.
They problably wil go together some time but still]

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