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Originally posted by Samus Aran
first Lucasarts DO have the resources to develop a new engeine.
But it will problably take some years.
I never said they didn't have the resources - but I did say it would probably take years to develop a new engine that would be 'current' when it is finally completed. It is usually cheaper to simply buy a license for an existing engine to fast-track game development. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people who doesn't want to spend another four years in limbo waiting for the next title in the series.

2nd why shouldn't they hire Raven again? I mean they have developed JA JO. But im not sure if they also developed DF II.
But if they did they are abou 75 procent that they will help developing it again.
I'm not saying they shouldn't hire Raven again. Personally I think they did a good job with JO and JA - although I still think the level design is too linear. But it's basically down to Lucasarts. As I said, they could decide to take the project in-house. You also have to consider that Raven itself may have other commitments, and may not be available to produce a new title in the series. In the past they've usually had about 3 games in development, both internal IPs and external licenses. I only know for sure that they are working on Quake IV - whatever else they have in the pipeline is a mystery to me. Maybe they're working on a JK4 as we speak - maybe not.

I think it's relatively safe to say, though, that the majority of people would want to see another in the series.
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