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Originally posted by Khier Serakk
I think acrobatics like wall running, wall flipping, etc. should feel a lot more practical and useful as well as looking cool (read: Ninja Gaiden), of course that would entail practical level design to incorporate practical use of such acrobatics (JA's levels were better than JO, imo, but could have been better still).
This may be unrelated to the Jedi Knight series, but there is a game in development called Advent Rising, and your character will have psi abilities that grow stronger as the game progresses. I think I've mentioned the game before, because you will be able to levitate objects - and if you watch the trailer available from the official site you will see some nice acrobatic moves, along with what looks like a Force Push move right at the end.

Although it has a cartoony appearance, it's pretty stylish, and the character animation is very good. That is the sort of quality I would want to see in a potential JK4.

I believe Advent Rising is using Unreal tech as a foundation.
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