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Thumbs up Episode 25: Banished

Thanks, guys. The encouragement was just what I needed. And thanks a lot, Master.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Verantos lay on the sand, healing himself. In about ten minutes, he felt ready and got up. His view was blocked by blood covering his eyes. Both, from outside andinside. He washed away and his vision now looked like he was wearing Infra-Red glasses.
He staggered around, looking for something to hold onto. He dropped down again and went into sleep, still using Force Heal. After an hour, he woke up. His vision was clearer and the place looked like a sandstorm had hit it. He himself was covered halfway into sand. He felt at his torso. The wound had healed. It was lucky for him that he survived so long. Now all he would need to do would be to get to the hangar and aget a ship to go back to his HQ.
People had starting coming out, it was about 4 o' clock there. He could hear various people expressing themselves about how relieved they were after the storm had passed. He dusted himself and took a Pit Droid Rickshaw to the main hangar. After having paid the Pit Droid, he proceeded to inside.
The manager, a fat buffoon who apparently didn't have interest in selling cheap welcomed him.
"Welcome sir, what would you like?"
"A ship. Good enough to travel half the galaxy."
"Hmm... You need a Friger, don't you?"
"You look desperate. Why don't you use a bus?"
"They don't go where I'm going."
"OK, OK! The Friger costs 12,000 Credits."
"Anything cheaper?"
"Minimum? 9,000"
Verantos ignited his lightsaber and held it in front of him.
"Did I say nine thousand? M-My mistake. I'll make it 5,000"
"GIVE it to me"
"Sure, it's yours! Leave me!"
Verantos hopped into the Friger and shot out of Tatooine and set his co-ordinates to the planet of Knokall.
As soon as reaching Knokall, Verantos turned towards his HQ. The planet was comletely grassy. A lot of bumpy hills dotted the surface along with crystal blue water lakes. Verantos headed towards a building, well fortified and sleek. He landed his plane juist outside and proceeded inside, passing the courtyard. Other Dark Jedi looked at him as he walked to the Clan Lord's chamber.

The chamber was wide, with a long window. The Lord was training some students when Verantos appeared.
"Ah! Masquod! How did it go?"
"He, he defeated me."
"Yes. He had some bodyguard..."
"You let a slimy, stupid Hutt defeat you? You have ashamed the clan."
"It was a Jedi who..."
"No! You are the most repected and highest Dark Jedi here, next to me! You were defeated by a Jedi? A Hutt? Their alliance? You will be punished. That Hutt can ruin us. You will be expelled from the Clan!"
"The Hutt di..."
"That's it! You have gall to resist against the Clan Lord? You are exiled. For destroying the clan, for ruing us and for questiong the Clan Lord. You are Banished from Knokall!"

Sulking, Verantos looked away at one of his friends. His rage was visible. His body had turned red. He glanced at his friend and said, "He won't last long. Neither will you."

Episode 26 Preview:
"This is it. The War has begun."

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